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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

(SALES) Your Prospect Says "No"…Now What? – Pt. 3


In my last two blogs we explored why ?no? is a necessary step towards ?yes? in your selling process, and we discussed the first five of our 10 things to do after ?no.? Let?s explore the remainder of those 10 steps in today?s blog.

Step 6: This is the one most often underplayed: Say thanks in a big way.

Thanks for the appointment, thanks for giving me new insights into your business or your goals, thanks for considering us, etc. And, don?t only say thanks verbally but follow up in writing with a personal note. Also, thank any key influencers, coaches or associates who referred you and keep them in the loop.

Step 7: After no, carefully plan your next strategy based upon what the no taught you.

Through questioning, you?ve learned why your prospect said no, and conversely, you now know what you have to do to get to yes.

Step 8: Initiate a minimum of three valid business contacts before you ask for the order again.

A valid business contact is any contact which benefits your prospect. Pushing for a sale on every encounter can be a real turn-off, but delivering a minimum of three messages of value before the next ask will help pre-sell your next approach.

Step 9: After no, get a second opinion.

Review the situation with your sales manager, have a creative brainstorming meeting with your creative people, or SoundADvice members are always welcome to contact me 24/7 to discuss the situation and alternative approaches for the next proposal.

Step 10: Last but not least, bow out gracefully.

When you have exhausted the previous nine steps, know when to quit, but do it with confidence and style. Don?t just disappear. Let the prospect know that you are convinced your station can produce results for them. Let them know you would like to have another account executive tackle the challenge, and ask them what they look for in a media account executive so you can better select the team member at your station to serve them.

There is no shame in another account executive making a sale where you could not. If your account trade results in a win for the station and a win for the client, you are a winner. There will be clients that others couldn?t sell that you can sell, and vice versa.

Remember, if you?re not getting any no?s, you?re not trying hard enough, and if you are getting too many no?s, you aren?t preparing properly.

In closing, remember to take responsibility for no and retrace each step in your process to learn how to get to yes.
More often than not, when you question to uncover the real reason for the no, it?s very likely you?ll uncover what it takes to get a yes ? and, you won?t need to take hostages.

If there is a tactic that you have employed successfully after no, please share it with us; or if there is a topic you would like to see me address in an upcoming Radio Ink blog, please let me know at

Wayne ENS is president of ENS Media Inc He can be contacted at

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