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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Banzhaf Plan To Challenge Your License


Yesterday we told you about an article in Broadcasting & Cable quoting George Washington University professor John Banzhaf (pictured) who says he's considering going after radio station licenses if the word "Redskins" is used repeatedly on the air by announcers. Banzhaf says the "R" word is to Indians much like the "N" word is to African Americans. His main beef is with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder (who owns seven radio stations) and the fact that he will not change the name of his NFL football team. However, he's not opposed to making your life a little miserable if you repeatedly use that "R" word. And you know what a nuisance it is when someone, anyone, files a challenge when you try to renew your license. Thursday afternoon we spoke to Banzhaf to ask him why he's going after radio station operators. LISTEN HERE

What are your thoughts? Are you worried at all?

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