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Friday, October 31, 2014

(AUDIO) How Many Spots Will Your Listeners Tolerate?


Bridge ratings CEO Dave Van Dyke is a long-time, successful radio programmer and manager having worked at companies including ABC Radio Networks, KCBS-FM in Los Angeles where he pioneered the Classic Hits format with the ARROW 93 brand, and as VP/GM of CBS-owned WODS-FM Boston. He recently released new research about the News/Talk format and how time spent listening was eroding due to listener fatigue. Specifically, his research showed fatigue was setting in over the frequency of the topics being discussed on talk radio. You can see that study HERE. It's one of many research studies Van Dyke's media consumption analysis research firm releases every year. We spoke to Van Dyke this week, not only to dig deeper into the details of his News/Talk study, also to ask him two of our favorite questions: How do listeners respond to radio's overloaded stopsets? And how many spots per stopset is too many? You may not like the answer you hear on that one. Here's our interview with Dave Van Dyke. 

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(10/23/2014 11:16:47 AM)
What is it, I wonder, about station owners and managers that a pro like Van Dyke has to state the ridiculously obvious - and then hope that somebody else catches on....?

I do wonder also if these guys don't have their "bug-out kits" already packed and handy - ready to get out of Dodge at the first serious tremor or rumble in the terra firma.

They're in a trance, I tell ya!

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