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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Geller: Focus On Personal Connections


Building a broadcast base has nothing to do with radio itself, according to Valerie Geller, who spoke at DASH in Detroit on Thursday. Instead, Geller said, "It has everything to do with human beings connecting with other human beings.? To engage listeners, Geller's three-point plan for broadcasters is to tell the truth, make it matter, and never be boring. She stressed that it's essential for radio companies to target millennials by being on every available platform, and the content must be relevant to the audience. Geller detailed her criteria for keeping content interesting:

Geller says broadcasters must be focused (what always works: health, heart, money, transformative); engage the listener (ask, "What's in this for the listener?"); and  have an opinion or position (that's what makes it interesting).

And, be a storyteller. What happened? Where? Why? Who? How? After that, she says the rest is easy, because people crave the kind of engaging and emotional content radio can provide. "Human beings are tribal, and radio is the drumbeat that connects the tribe," Geller said. "The audience wants to be entertained, informed, inspired, persuaded, and connected."

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