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Friday, October 24, 2014

Would You Give This Candidate Free Airtime?


This plea for free airtime comes from Republican incumbent Clayton Fiscus who says because his opponent John Pulasky reads the weather on KATL-AM in Miles City, he deserves an equal amount of time from the station to campaign. KATL station manager Donald Richard told the Billings Gazette it's not going to happen. "It might be possible to receive faint audio of KATL 770 AM?s signal in Billings, but Billings isn?t part of the area in which KATL provides ?city-grade? service, neither is the legislative district for which Fiscus and Pulasky are competing. If you look at the line, what we consider our city-grade line, we?re 30 miles, 40 miles from Billings. The FCC sets up protections for radio stations.? The Gazette reports Fiscus cost Pulasky his job at Northern Broadcasting five months earlier, where he did the weather for 24 years.

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