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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pandora Raking in Political Revenue


As third quarter earnings season gets underway over the next few days we'll start to get a clearer picture of how much political advertising revenue radio is able to pull in and how that will impact a disappointing first half of 2014. Most of that revenue will be reported in the next quarter, but we'll certainly get a sense of whether or not radio CEO's are optimistic about it. In the meantime, CNBC reports that Pandora has doubled the number of political campaigns using the service. Pandora Vice President of Sales Sean Duggan tells CNBC Pandora is serving ads for about 400 campaigns (individuals and issues) in this election. "We have scale and can be really discrete with targeting, with very little waste." CNBC points out that traditional radio will reach "a bunch of consumers that won't be voting in that particular election and Pandora can provide a great deal of assurance that the people advertisers are paying to reach are relevant to the message."

And being able to provide data campaigns can bring back to their candidates is important. Vice President of Digital for The Campaign Group Dan Pohlig says, On terrestrial radio, "it's difficult to connect a voter's action to the media that we're putting out there. We want to get votes for our candidates. We appreciate metrics?click-through rates and things like that." Pandora reports third-quarter results Thursday. Analysts expect a 32 percent increase in sales over 2013 to $238.5 million.

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