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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Red Zebra Defends Use of Redskins Name


On Friday, Red Zebra Broadcasting, owned by Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder filed its response to the objections to the renewal of WWXX 94.3 FM's broadcast license. It's a 39-page response (that you can read HERE). The filing says, the objections are a frivolous attempt to goad the Commission into banning the team name of Washington, D.C.?s NFL franchise from the nation?s airwaves. "While there is, in fact, a public debate over the use of the name ?Redskins? in association with the team, the Commission cannot appropriately serve as the arbiter of that dispute." Attorney Andrew McBride of the law firm Wiley Rein, is representing Red Zebra. "Our response makes clear that under the Communications Act and the First Amendment the FCC should not be in the business of censoring the content of radio stations. Any debate about the Washington Redskins' name and its meaning should be had in the free marketplace of ideas, not in the halls of the FCC or any other governmental agency. We hope that the FCC will swiftly reject this transparent attempt to use the license renewal process to intimidate broadcasters across the country with the baseless threat that accurately reporting on the Washington Redskins football franchise by using the team's full name violates any law or FCC regulation."

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