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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Congratulations To Alpha's Tom Ulmer


Alpha Media Louisville?s General Sales Mananger Tom Ulmer has been inducted into the Kentucky Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Ulmer has 30-plus years in the radio business. His first job in radio was wearing a sweaty walrus costume as the mascot for WLRS in the mid 1970s. By 1979, Tom was hired as an account executive for the station. He also hosted Sunday afternoons on WLRS with Moondawg?s Oldies Show. The Moondawg persona took on a life of its own, and for the next 10 years, while working as an AE during the day, he ran the Moondawg?s Oldies Show at night.

In 1982, Ulmer worked at WCII-AM and two years later was recruited by WAMZ-FM. When Clear Channel purchased WAMZ and WHAS from the Bingham family, they were two of the company?s first 16 radio stations. As a senior account executive, Tom became one of the top-performing salespeople in the country for Clear Channel. He was an early member of Clear Channel?s President?s Club which recognized the top-performing salespeople in the company.

In 2000, Ulmer was recruited by Blue Chip Broadcasting to become a general sales manager for their Louisville properties, which are now owned by Alpha. It was at Alpha Media where Ulmer had the opportunity to join the board of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association. He served as chairman of the KBA in 2009 and has actively served on the board for the last 10 years.

Alpha Market Manager Dale Schaefer said, ?Tom is a real credit to the radio broadcasting profession. I have competed against Tom in the past and I have had the pleasure of having him work for me for the last 15 years; I can tell you unequivocally that it far better to have him on my team. Besides being a hard-working, dedicated sales manager, Tom is a great humanitarian who goes out of is his way to help other people. Whether it is a co-worker or a total stranger, you can count on Tom to lend a helping hand. He represents Alpha Media and the broadcasting industry with class and dignity. He truly is a Hall of Famer.?

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