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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oxley Praises LDR's TopicPulse


Receiving praise from the number-one billing station in America is a pretty good thing. Hubbard Senior VP and GM of WTOP in Washington, DC, Joel Oxley says, "TopicPulse has been a difference-maker and smart addition to our newsroom toolkit. The more information we have to track what our audience is interested in, the greater the opportunity is to better serve their needs, and TopicPulse helps us get there.? WTOP-FM in DC partnered with LDR Interactive to bring TopicPulse to its ?glass-enclosed nerve-center newsroom? to track the social media engagement within the beltway. So, what is TopicPulse?

TopicPulse is a real-time social media monitoring system for newsrooms and content producers that scans social media, including Twitter and Facebook, local message boards, and news sources, to track trending topics in a local market. Producers can also access trending video and images, and see which primary demo (gender and age group) is most inclined to engage with the topic on social media. TopicPulse also features a Tweetmap that showcases the market's most popular tweets and hashtags on a local map, enabling producers to create hyper-local content based on up-to-the-minute social trends.

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