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Monday, October 20, 2014

Stop Airing School Closings. It's Bad Radio.


Rosin also had some advice for radio stations still airing school closings. Those of us that started out on the air recall how, when the weather looked questionable, especially in the winter, the studio phone would start ringing off the hook. Every kid in town was hoping we'd be the person to tell them it was okay to go back to sleep. Sure, it was a great service and a nice way to touch listeners. However, when every kid in town calls, it can get a little annoying. Technology rescued us all from that. Or so we thought. It's hard to believe that any radio station would still be reading school closings over the air with the Internet, texting capabilities, and social media available to so many people today. Rosin played a sample from a 4-minute report on school closings. Then he asked the simple question, "Why?" "It's bad radio programming to name all the schools," he said.

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