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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

(SOCIAL) Project Radio's Fun Image With Social Media


How much fun is your social media? I mean, radio is fun, right? Are you ?working? to show off the fun aspects of your business? Are you thinking about things from the perspective of the listeners you most want to attract?

How would your social media world look if you showcased the fun aspect of your station, your format, your lifestyle, for listeners and prospective listeners in social media and focused on leading them back to the products your company owns?

1. Focus on visuals, creating balanced visual content that provides both photos and video that are ?click-worthy.?
2. If your station is music based and you are involved in local concerts, use video and photo content as well as brief text content to zero-in on the fun associated with this activity. Show your personalities and listeners so you appear more open, fun, and engaging. This can extend to backstage experiences and contesting experiences inside the radio station and ?backstage? at the station.
3. Encourage the use of photos from listeners at events in your social media.
4. ?Behind the scenes? at the radio station (no matter the format). The best radio stations have always had an element of ?Hollywood? or showbiz to them. This does not change with social media. It should continue.
5. Validate listeners, including asking listeners regularly if you may use specific photos and content from them related to an event and/or concert on your Facebook page or other social media.

The basic idea here is to get you thinking about how regular ?civilians? still see radio and the entertainment business. Focus on your listeners, listener experience, your personalities, and your brand.

Just putting your social media in the light of the fun side of our image as a business can change the feel of your social media and your ?draw? with the listeners you most want to attract to your brand.

Be entertaining and enjoy.

Loyd Ford is the digital revenue, direct marketing, ratings, and social media strategist for Rainmaker Pathway and Americalist Direct Marketing. Loyd has programmed very successful radio brands in markets of all sizes, including KRMD AM & FM in Shreveport, and WSSL and WMYI in Greenville, WKKT in Charlotte, and WBEE in Rochester, NY. Learn more about Loyd here: Get his radio-social media content sent directly to your smart phone or email for free here: Reach out to Loyd via e-mail HERE.  Visit his Facebook radio social media page HERE.

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