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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Consumers Want Seamless And Personal


That was the theme from a panel called "It's All About the Experience" on Day 1 of DASH in Detroit, Wednesday. Slacker Radio?s Mike Kasparian said user experience is top priority, especially in the auto world. With laptops and mobile, the experience is clearly defined. In the automobile there?s still work to be done on the dash. Keynoter Gary Shapiro spoke about driver distraction still being a major issue and looked more in the future toward the driverless vehicle. The opinion of this panel was that a lot more needs to be done to please the consumer who wants the experience to be much easier.

Slacker's Kasparian and others on this panel want shorter-term solutions, including the need to make accessing mobile apps in a car more seamless, with information stored in the form of playlists and bookmarks that follow you wherever you go. Pandora?s Geoff Snyder took that concept one step further, stating that seamlessness comes by creating an experience that does not require any effort on the consumer?s part. Technology that will easily identify each consumer and deliver relevant traffic, weather, and entertainment content to that consumer.

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