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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marty McFly Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary


Envision Networks? The Live Ride with Marty McFly is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The two-hour weekly country ?concert? radio program launched in 2009 as part of the Envision Country Network. McFly said, ?I'm thankful to have been a part of the growth of this show over the years. Live country music is what causes passion with fans, and we have been able to catch that passion in this show.?

The Live Ride with Marty McFly is hosted by 25-year country radio veteran Marty McFly, also host of Envision?s The Country Download. The Live Ride brings a weekly ?concert? to country radio featuring live performances of current and recent chart hits by today?s biggest acts. As a Nashville insider, McFly provides the most up-to-date country news, concert information, and artist interviews along with the perfect soundtrack for country radio listeners to relive their favorite country concert experiences.

McFly got his start in radio in 1985, when a close friend told him of an easy way to make money?radio. At the same time, Michael J. Fox was playing a character with a similar name in the major motion picture called Back to the Future. Coincidence? The four-time CMA Air Personality of the Year nominee and three-time ACM Air Personality of the Year nominee has helped his stations win a combined nine CMA/ACM Station of the Year awards. He has also been nominated for Billboard magazine?s Air Personality of the Year in 1996 and Bobby Poe magazine?s Large Market Air Personality of the Year in 1993. Based in Nashville, McFly wakes up the city each day as the morning personality for WSM-FM while continuing his search for an affordable method of time travel.

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