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Monday, April 6, 2015

Francesa: Relationship With CBS Is Terrible


Newsday has the details about Radio Ink's Number One Sports Talker, WFAN's Mike Francesa, who's bashing his relationship with his CBS Radio bosses. He says it's never been worse. About seven months ago Francessa first voiced his frustration, angry that his TV simulcast on Fox Sports was repeatedly pre-empted. Newsday reports that during a break in his show Wednesday, Francesa added fuel to the fire. "We have a difference of opinion on a number of issues now, and Fox is one of them, yes. But I've been asked not to discuss it in any detail and I'm going to abide by what I was asked not to do."

Back in September, Francesa said on the air he received a letter from CBS threatening to sue if he continued complaining about the TV simulcast. CBS and Francesa then went back and forth on that issue, CBS saying there was no threat of a lawsuit, Francesa saying there sure was. Francesa's ratings are very strong in New York. He's under contract for another three years. Wednesday he said, "My relationship with the people who I deal with is awful right now; it's terrible. We don't agree on philosophy. Nothing's changed. It's what it is. I do my show. They didn't have any interest in fixing what I wanted fixed."

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