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Friday, April 3, 2015

Scripps CEO Loves That Radio Connects With Consumers

It's always nice when the CEO of your company not only knows you exist, but pays you a very nice compliment. That's what Scripps CEO Rich Boehne did yesterday in the Milwaukee Business Journal to Milwaukee talker Charlie Sykes (pictured). By now everyone's heard that E.W. Scripps has closed on its deal to take over Journal Broadcast Group. While the main target of the acquisition was Television, Scripps also picked up Journal's 35 radio stations and is very impressed with the medium's ability to connect with listeners. Sykes was singled out by the CEO in The Milwaukee Business Journal. Here are the details

Sykes is a conservative talker heard on WTMJ-AM (620-AM). Scripps CEO Rich Boehne loves how radio connects with consumers. ?You walk down the streets and you go into these markets and people know these radio personalities. My favorite is a political talk show host up in Milwaukee named Charlie Sykes. I guess he?s conservative in a somewhat liberal state and everybody dislikes him so much that everybody listens to him. That?s fantastic.? Boehne told the Journal he spent time with Sykes when Scripps executives visited Milwaukee to take a look at the Journal broadcast facilities in that market.

Boehne says Journal celebrates all voices. "Obviously Charlie has a very strong one there. I just enjoyed how many people I?ve run into who know who he is and the kind of following he has up there.? And it sounds like the company will not be afraid to spend money on great talent. Scripps Senior VP Brian Lawlor told the Journal the company believes in investing in on-air talent, including radio personalities like Sykes. ?If people are high-priced, it?s because they have a loyal following. Our goal is to create a center of discourse in local communities centered around local communities and local voices. And Charlie Sykes is one example.?

Here's the full Milwaukee Business Journal article

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