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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Summer Closing For Entercom Lincoln Deal?


That's what Entercom CEO David Field is hoping for, although it's always hard to predict what the government will do. Entercom spent $1.7 million on the deal in Q1 and expects to spend at least another $2 million on it in Q2. The company is putting together a lot of infomation for the Department of Justice, which is holding up the deal as it looks closer at the Denver market. This $105 million deal for 15 Lincoln stations was announced back in December. In Denver, Entercom already owned three FMs and one AM and announced it would be divesting one station to comply with FCC rules. Entercom was notified by D.O.J. in January that it was taking a closer look. Field says he hopes the deal is completed and Entercom is operating the stations by the middle of the summer.

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