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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Harker: Diary Or PPM? Which Is Better?


Richard Harker continues his quest to expose PPM problems in his latest blog for Radio InSights. In his latest piece, he looks at a study Arbitron did in the last decade in Chicago, where participants would use both a PPM device and a diary. The diary reports showed more listening than the PPM devices' reports did. "So which was correct?" he asks.

While the question seemed out of place at the time of the study, as Arbitron bragged about the PPM devices' reliability, it appears that the question is now quite valid, especially in light of mounting evidence that PPM devices do not detect all radio listening done by their users.

Harker asks: "But given what we now know about PPM's flaws, isn't it more likely that the diary got it right (or at least closer to the truth) than PPM? Isn't it time to reopen the matter?"

The new Radio Insights blog can be read here.

(5/5/2015 5:40:56 AM)
It's ironic that as the radio industry is enduring a frontal attack fueled by an arsenal of data, their own data is highly questionable. And people in FM lack trust in the effectiveness and trustworthiness of PPM. #LivingIsEasyWithEyesClosed

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