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Monday, September 8, 2014

Banzhaf Confirms Challenge To Red Zebra License


He's followed through on his threat to challenge the license of one of Daniel Snyder's Red Zebra radio stations. George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf has confirmed to Radio Ink that today he officially challenged the license renewal of  WWXX-FM (ESPN 980) in Washington, DC. WWXX-AM is one of seven stations belonging to the Washington Redskins owner. Banzhaf says the use of the word Redskins is racist and this is another way to put pressure on Snyder to change the name of the team. Snyder has repeatedly said he will not change the name.

The filing charges that repeatedly and unnecessarily broadcasting a word which has been held in many proceedings, and by many individuals and organizations, to be a derogatory racial slur, is contrary to federal broadcast law which requires stations to be operated in the public interest. It also argues that the word constitutes a "profanity" -- defined by the FCC to include "language so grossly offensive to members of the public who actually hear it as to amount to a nuisance.?

The document cites several dictionary definitions which say that "a synonym for ?profanity? is ?swearing,? and few would hesitate to conclude that using words like ?N*gg*ers,? ?K*kes,? ?W*tb*cks,? ?C*nts,? ?F*gs,? or ?R*dskins? would constitute swearing.? Profanity cannot be broadcast during most of the day to avoid having an adverse impact on children -- in this situation, especially Indian children.

We spoke to Banzhaf at length about the issue last week. Listen HERE

(9/3/2014 5:20:07 AM)
Here's what the rest of us should do as the football and political seasons get underway. Whenever a situation calls for saying "Washington Redskins" on the air say "Washington Weasels" instead. In fact we should all offer T- shirts to our listeners - "Washington Weasels / a name that fits / come on Dan give DC the name it deserves!"
(9/2/2014 9:28:21 PM)
Banzhaf is 100% right. It's a racist term whether or not it's being intentionally used that way. Snyder is a snot-nosed little whiner who knows about as much about doing the right thing as he does about football.

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