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Monday, September 8, 2014

Triton Rolls Out New Ad Platform


Triton Digital today announced a new advertising platform called TAP -- Triton Advertising Platform. TAP is an open platform that provides tools to forecast available inventory and package it with audience data. Triton says that through ad-targeting capabilities, both TAP Live (for traditional broadcasters) and TAP OnDemand (for Internet-based audio publishers) increase the effectiveness of digital audio campaigns for its customers. Triton says the platform is already being used by Cumulus, CBS Radio, Rdio, and RadioIO.

?Our new TAP solution takes inventory forecasting and targeted delivery to another level, making it smarter and more accurate,? said Benjamin Masse, SVP & GM of advertising, Triton Digital. ?With TAP, both live streaming and ?on demand? publishers can be confident that their marketing partners? digital audio campaigns are reaching the intended audience, making non-targeted or poorly-targeted impressions a concern of the past.?

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