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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cumulus Returning Rush to KSFO San Francisco


Rush will return to the weekday lineup of Hot Talk 560/KSFO-AM in San Francisco where he was heard from 2000 through 2011. Also returning to KSFO-AM are Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Looking at the current schedule it appears that to make room, Cumulus will be dumping America's Morning News and John Batchelor. It was less than a year ago, December 5, 2013, when Clear Channel's KNEW debuted a new talk lineup at The Patriot AM-960 that included Rush, Hannity and Beck. No word yet on what changes will be made at KNEW. Clear Channel will announce the new programming for KNEW next week. The KSFO programming changes go into effect on September 28. (Note: An earlier version of this story said that Ethan Bearman would be bumped from KSFO. That is incorrect. Bearman is a weekend host and is not affected by this change).

Kevin Metheny, Operations Manager for KSFO-AM said: ?The new KSFO lineup will be like listening to the Conservative Talk All-Star Game all day, every day.?
KSFO-AM?s complete weekday programming schedule beginning September 28 is:
5:00a-9:00a                 Brian Sussman with Katie Green
9:00a-12:00N              Rush
12:00N-3:00P              Savage Nation
3:00P-6:00P                Mark Levin
6:00P-9:00P                Sean Hannity
9:00P-12:00M             Glenn Beck

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