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Friday, October 3, 2014

Radio Drives TV Viewership


Earlier in the week, we reported on how both ABC and FOX started promoting their television programming heavily on radio. The Media Monitors data put ABC at number one after not being on the list at all the week before. FOX TV moved up the list from 71st to 8th. Now Nielsen has come out with additional data that supports the theory that when radio is used to promote television shows or sports games, those programs end up with more viewers. It's more helpful data for your salespeople to bring to local clients. Here are the details from this latest information from Nielsen.

Nielsen says by using PPM technology to capture radio and television exposure in major markets, broadcasters can assess who was exposed to a campaign on the radio and who also tuned into the broadcast. These insights spotlight how radio is both effective as an advertising platform and an important player in the larger media mix when it comes to promoting scripted programming and sports events.

Nielsen says a major cable network maximized viewership for the premier of a new drama program by pre-promoting it across a mix of platforms: on- and off-channel TV ads, radio spots, and several other platforms. This network kicked off the radio portion of the campaign just a few days before the premier, yet it still delivered the second-highest reach of the platforms in the mix. That network ran only one week of radio ads, 12 weeks of cinema ads, and 10 weeks of online advertising. Radio reached 18 percent of the 25-54 audience in that one week. Cinema only reached 3 percent of the 25-54 demo after 12 weeks of promotion, and digital reached 2 percent after 10 weeks of ads.

Nielsen adds that data from several other studies shows that the conversion rates (the percent of listeners who heard the ad on the radio and tuned into the TV broadcast) for scripted shows across the days of a campaign tend to be similar ? even in a short campaign. This means that a longer, multi-day radio ad campaign can deliver significant reach that builds consistently over time.

Read more about this latest Nielsen study HERE

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