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Friday, October 3, 2014

Take Listeners Trust Very Seriously


Those were the words of iHeartMedia's Angie Martinez yesterday at a Social Media panel during Advertising Week in New York City, moderated by RAB president and CEO Erica Farber, that included Bobby Bones, Ebro Darden and Amani Toomer. Combined, the four radio stars have millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter and say they also have to be active on sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine to stay in touch with their fans. To all four, social media is all about that special bond that radio gives them with their listeners and not taking advantage of that relationship

Darden, who hosts a morning show on Emmis' Hot 97 in New York said he doesn't believe radio gets the credit for the connections it has with the community and he uses social media constantly to troll for topics. "I like to provoke. I like to see how people feel about different things." Darden says he's had listeners call him when they're giving birth or when they're ready to do harm to themselves. Martinez added, "You are living in the dark ages if you think you can be any type of personality and not be active on social media."

"I am very sales department friendly. It starts to deteriorate your trust if you just try anything. I turn things down all the time. It's about finding a way that makes sense and its honest. Bones agreed that not taking advantage of that trust is they key. "I just cannot be caught in a lie."

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