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Sunday, March 22, 2015

ABC News Radio Grows And Evolves


There was a rumor floating around that ABC News Radio was laying off about 10 people. Turns out that's not exactly what's going on. In fact, the company will be advertising for about a dozen new positions as it modernizes and evolves. You may recall ABC took back control of affiliation, sales, and distribution of its news content from Westwood One/Cumulus about seven months ago. The company now has affiliations with over 1200 stations and is hitting its revenue projections. ABC News Radio Vice President and General Manager Steve Jones told his staff, as a result of what was learned over the past several months the operational structure needed refinement.

In a memo to his team, Jones said throughout the process of the past seven months, understanding what affiliates want and advertisers demand has increased significantly. "We are smarter today than we were seven months ago about how best to position ourselves for continued growth and greater success. One result of these insights is a realization that our operational structure and employee skill-set requires refinement. We need to expand the core team of people who have both editorial and production skills that allow them to shift seamlessly throughout the day to meet the many demands of our evolving marketplace. Starting next week, we will be posting more than a dozen staff openings, including reporters, writers, and associate producers. Also, we will be meeting with each of you individually in the next 30 days to ensure you have the right training and support for further success in this new environment."  

Along with the new positions being added others are being eliminated over the next two months, according to Jones. "These are difficult decisions, yet necessary to strengthen our operations for the future. We notified employees today who are impacted by these changes. They will be invited to apply for the new positions we?re posting in the weeks ahead while receiving support to seek job placement elsewhere inside the company or outside through an independent outplacement service. I?m incredibly proud to be part of this team and deeply grateful for the terrific work you do every day. Together, we?re building a bright future for ABC Radio." 

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