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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Labels Declaring War On Free Music


That's the word from the Free Radio Alliance's Peggy Binzel on Thursday. In a statement to the media, Binzel said, "It's increasingly clear that the big music labels have launched a war on free music. Local radio stations are only one target." Binzel continues, "For years, the labels have been pushing Congress to levy yet another fee on radio stations when they play music for listeners -- free of charge. Now the record labels' emerging plans with Apple to make less music available for free are becoming more obvious."

Binzel makes reference to a recent article penned by Peter Kafka on Re/Code, in which Kafka said, "Big Music Labels Want to Make Free Music Hard to Get and Apple Says They're Right." The record labels, Apple, and others are lining up behind Eddy Cue and Beats Music founder Jimmy Iovine, who so aptly said the music industry should "get behind a paywall."

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