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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Goldstein Exits Saga, Launches Digital Company.


Saga Communications announced on Thursday afternoon that Executive Vice President and Group Program Director Steve Goldstein has exited the company. Goldstein has held the EVP & Group PD position with Saga since 1988 and has been  with the company since its inception in 1986. Chairman, President and CEO of Saga Communications, Edward K. Christian, thanked Goldstein for his many contributions over his 28-year career with Saga. To assist with his transition from the company, Goldstein has agreed to serve as a consultant to Saga. Goldstein is foucusing his attention on his new company, Amplifi Media. Radio Ink exclusive audio interview below.

Commenting on his departure, Mr. Goldstein noted in the press release announcing his exit, "Saga has been a remarkable home for 28 years. We have built some terrific brands and grown top talent. Best of all has been working with a wonderfully gifted staff. While I will miss them and Ed Christian, I am pleased to continue with Saga in a consulting capacity and am excited to move on to a more entrepreneurial role with my own company where I will be focusing on digital on-demand audio."

The Focus on audio Goldstein mentioned is the formation of the new compay Amplifi Media. Amplifi will focus on the podcast and audio on demand sector. Goldstein noted on the new company, "The top of the iTunes podcast chart is dominated by NPR and affiliates. They have done a tremendous job but there is a world of mainstream topics yet to be explored for on-demand-audio. That's where Amplifi will live."

Goldstein continued, "As connected cars, Bluetooth, and smartphones converge, time-shifted audio will grow exponentially. People will listen to content at a time and place of their choosing, just as is occurring rapidly in the television industry with Netflix, DVRs, and on-demand video."

(3/27/2015 3:31:01 PM)
Good idea, but he needs a PR coach... sounded bored and disinterested. Soon, you may need to convince a VC for cash, or talent to work for you...polish up.

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