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Monday, March 23, 2015

Bold Gold's Benedetto Bullish on Radio's Future


Late last week, Bold Gold President Vince Benedetto announced a new initiative called the Bold Gold Broadcast and Media Foundation. Benedetto believes the time is right to seed educational institutions with the aim of finding the next generation of radio managers, talent and leaders. Benedetto talks with Radio Ink in an exclusive audio interview outlining his plans for the Bold Gold Broadcast and Media Foundation. Audio Interview.

The Bold Gold Broadcast and Media Foundation is a non-profit entity that will seed existing educational institutions and help educators get new broadcasting programs off the ground. Benedetto came into radio as an entrepreneur, following his service in the Air Force. The Bold Gold President is looking to encourage young people to approach radio in the same entrepreneurial fashion that brought him into the business. Benedetto says, ""Radio has been an established business, and as a result, the word entrepreneur was not thrown around in the radio business." He continues, "With all the changes coming to the industry, I think it's a great time to be coming into radio. It needs young, bold, ambitious thought leaders coming into the industry, and really define the next hundred years.

Listen to the complete interview below:

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