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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hosts Back-Peddling Over Breast Remarks


Chicago's 670 The Score hosts Matt Spiegel and Dan Bernstein (pictured) are running defense after making what many listeners and social media users believe were inappropriate remarks about CSN Chicago anchor Aiyana Cristal's breasts. Bernstein posted on Twitter, "I have no rooting interest in her work, but enjoy her giant boobs." Spiegel later wrote on his Twitter feed, "I missed an opportunity to keep the subject on point, & stay respectful. I'm sorry for that on many levels, & sad I offended Aiyana & others."

Spiegel did address the Twitter remarks on-air on Thursday morning's show, here's a link to that segment.

(3/26/2015 4:06:11 PM)
Both should be fired---period....they failed on all 3 major points:

Gender, Race, Power...Woman, Minority, and new in her craft--and these two white men, who have been in the industry for decades, belittle this woman for no reason other than they could? Sorry, where we live in the workplace, or in public--you get fired or beat..Fire These frauds--they simply cannott be trusted any longer to be in those roles with that kind of thinking, and then putting it out there for 50k twitter followers

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