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Friday, April 10, 2015

Medved On The Mend

On Thursday, Michael Medved shared with his listeners an update on his personal progress. Medved, who has been off the air since late January battling stage three throat cancer, told his fans "the treatments that I have received -- both the radiation treatments and the chemotherapy treatments -- appear to have been entirely successful, but they come at a cost. The cost is you have to recover from that kind of treatment." His voice still sounds a bit different from before and he has difficulty pronouncing certain words, but doctors assured Medved that ability should start to return to normal "in a couple of weeks." He says that he continues to work on his speech "so that before long, I will be back every day, every morning, doing what I love to do." Medved's message to his fans can be heard HERE. SRN VP/News & Talk Programming Tom Tradup tells Radio Ink: "I know I speak for everyone -- including Michael?s listeners, his affiliates, and all of his colleagues on-and-off the air here at SRN when I say what a blessing it was to hear Michael?s voice on the radio again today. Thank you for your continuing prayers and best wishes?and -- as Michael himself stated -- we hope to have him back 'better? stronger than ever? and soon.'"

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