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Friday, April 10, 2015

Webcast Metrics Accredited For Triton Digital

Triton Digital announced its completed the annual Media Rating Council audit for their census-based Webcast Metrics and Webcast Metrics Local products. Triton's Webcast Metrics and Webcast Metric Local  products are currently the only streaming audio measurement solutions that has been accredited by the MRC.MRC Executive Director/CEO George Ivie said, "We congratulate Triton Digital for meeting the rigorous requirements needed for MRC accreditation."

Accredited Webcast Metrics metrics include Total Listening Hours, Active Sessions, Session Starts, Average Active Sessions, Average Time Spent Listening, and non-IP based Cume. Accredited local Webcast metrics  include Total Listening Hours, Session Starts, Active Sessions, Average Active Sessions, Average Time Spent Listening, Average Quarter Hour, Average Quarter Hour Rating, Cume, Cume Rating and Time Spent Listening. The MRC Board continued accreditation for all metrics, with the exception of Average Quarter Hour and Average Quarter Hour Rating, which remain accredited.

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