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Thursday, April 9, 2015

NAB Announces Plans For New Headquarters


On Monday, the National Association of Broadcasters announced that in 2018 the organization will move into new headquarters which will be located in Washington, D.C.'s Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. The NAB expects to close on the purchase in early 2018 and move into the new headquarters by fall of that year. Upon closing the purchase, it's anticipated NAB will help finance the new headquarters through the sale of its current building, located in Dupont Circle. Built in 1969, the structure houses 150 NAB employees. 
The new headquarters building will be located one mile from the U.S. Capitol, which the NAB says will give the broadcast industry's lobbying arm easier access to Capitol Hill, improving its advocacy efforts. NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith said, "We're thrilled that we have found a new home. The new building will be a showcase venue for radio and television stations across America, and will send a strong message to public policymakers on the vibrant future of local broadcasting."

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