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Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Does Programmatic Mean For AE's?


Because so many people don't really understand exactly what programmatic buying is, we reached out to President of Programmatic and Data Operations for iHeartMedia Brian Kaminsky. We asked Kaminsky if programmatic translates to fewer jobs for AEs. Absolutely not he says. One of the best features of programmatic, according to Kaminsky, is that it will free up sales teams to focus on their most important tasks, such as building relationships. And, he adds, programmatic will help reduce administrative burdens sellers often deal with. Advertisers can simply log into their programmatic account and see what spots ran when, as well as other important account information and automating the compliance process.

A huge advantage to programmatic is the ability to target. Kaminsky says by combining and overlaying data from numerous sources, including social media, programmatic will allow for creative targeting of ads. For example, if a sponsor only wishes for a particular ad to run when certain topics are trending on social media or if specific news/weather topics impact an area, the platform will be able to immediately handle those situations.

Kaminsky says the goal of programmatic is to streamline all of the data and insights that the radio company possess, as well as the data and insights the advertiser has, making that data actionable and easily accessible. It will take a few months before programmatic is fully rolled out to iHeartMedia's 865 owned radio stations, but initially the programming will be focused on network advertising. Eventually the software will become more spot-specific, allowing for local market targeting.

Kaminsky says he absolutely believes programmatic can help improve revenue for the radio industry. He says it will be done by making the entire advertising process easier, smarter, and much more efficient. Programmatic will also be able to show advertisers clear proof of performance, helping to prove radio's importance in spreading their messages.

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