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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Talking To People Will Grow Your Business


As programmers, sellers and marketers, you know all about how to speak business to business or business to consumer. But businesses don?t have emotions ? humans do. At Radio Ink?s Convergence 2015, coming up May 27-28 in California?s Silicon Valley, PureMatter CEO and best-selling author Bryan Kramer will explain the importance of ?Human to Human Marketing? and how to communicate in ways that demonstrate human qualities like simplicity, empathy, and imperfection. Kramer?s an expert storyteller who?ll share with you the five tools you need to make critical human connections and become a better marketer, manager, programmer, and even human being.

Kramer is a social business strategist, author, and speaker whose first book, ?There Is No B2B or B2C: It?s Human to Human #H2H,? quickly became a top-selling business book on Amazon. And with over 250k social followers, he has quickly become one of the country?s leading authorities on social and digital.

At Convergence, Kramer will share his expert advice with you on:  

?Four Rules of Social Contact?
?Six Basic Human Needs?
?How to make an idea ?crowd-worthy? (with real-world examples)
The difference between ?dark? and delightful? disruption
And much more
Ever wonder why we, as marketers, struggle to connect via social media? How do you connect ? really connect ? at a human level?

You?ll have the opportunity to find that out, and much more, when Bryan Kramer takes to the stage to explain what goes wrong with our connections and, more important, how to think human-to-human and do H2H right.

Learn to speak human:
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