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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

(DIGITAL) Secrets To Marketing Movies


In the latest Media Unplugged podcast by Mark Ramsey (pictured) and Tom Asacker, the hosts look at a few subjects, including marketing movies like brands, and Vessel's prospects of overtaking YouTube. Additionally, the podcast looks at what a Vine superstar has in common with one of the Staples Singers, faulty statistics in determining that millennials are flooding back into movie theaters, Ben Affleck's slave cover-up, and a great co-promotion between HBO's Game of Thrones and UBER.

Episode 18 of Media Unplugged can be heard HERE or

For their discussion on subjects in this new podcast, visit these links:
Adweek's piece on the Secret to Marketing Movies like Brands
Vessel's prospects
Bad statistics on Movie-Going Millennials
Ben Affleck's cover-up of his slave-owning ancestors
HBO's cool cross-promotion with UBER
And a link to the ultimate Game of

Media Unplugged is produced by Jeff Schmidt - Exciting Audio for Media.

Media Unplugged can be subscribed to via iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS feed.

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