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Monday, May 11, 2015

(SOCIAL) Making Use Of What You Have


Radio may not be as much fun as it once was. There may be fewer jobs and you may be doing more of them, but this job is about entertainment and engaging local listeners to react, sample, try, and have fun with you, and products and services you advertise. Right? And while other businesses may struggle for what to share, radio is a built-in fun machine. If you are music based, it's all about the artists on your station. If you are news/talk, it's about what's happening. But there is an excitement element to what we do in radio. Showcase that on social media.

1. Use your smartphone. Turn around the video camera or, better, point it at listeners (with permission) and have fun with them.
2. Use your creativity. Come up with fun ideas to truly engage people. Don't just post contests. People want to be engaged. Make what you are posting interesting to you and related to your target audience.
3. Video, video, video. Enough. No, not enough. Video, video, video. Use it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it?and make it meaningful (help someone, entertain them, teach them something).
4. Ask for opinions and comment on those opinions. People love?people (especially themselves). You love them back, and you will be a winner.
5. Shocker! Twist things back to your on-air. Why not? There is a rule that we can't use social media to lead back to our products? No, there isn't. We're radio. We're the social media. We are the local engagement.

A summary:  Use your smartphone. Be creative. Use video specifically. Always refocus people's attention with your INTERESTING CONTENT back on the station. Make appointments. Make it fun.
Get out there and win another one for radio!

Loyd Ford is the digital revenue, direct marketing, ratings and social media strategist for Rainmaker Pathway and Americalist Direct Marketing. Loyd has programmed very successful radio brands in markets of all sizes, including KRMD AM & FM in Shreveport, and WSSL and WMYI in Greenville, WKKT in Charlotte and WBEE in Rochester, NY. Learn more about Loyd here: Get his radio-social media content sent directly to your smart phone or email for free here:

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