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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Millennials Lack Trust in Advertising


Research from the McCarthy Group shows that 85 percent of Millennials lack trust in advertising. Digital media topped the list on how they keep up to date on current events at over 35 percent, web sites ranked highest in the digital media findings. Social media ranked at 22 percent. Traditional media, which included TV, radio, magazines and newspapers ranked at 20 percent, with TV topping the list.

Adults aged 35 and under don't like advertising, and say that they are much more trusting of information sources not actively focused on selling messages. The one thing they couldn't live without? It's not their phone, it's the Internet. 47 percent said that of the Internet was the one thing they couldn't do without, 15 percent cited their phone. The Net even topped Millennial's best friend, 35 percent noted they couldn't live without their best friend. The bottom line for advertisers seeking to reach Millennials, is that they should appeal to the sources that they trust the most: their closest friends, news sources and company websites.

(3/7/2015 10:17:25 AM)
As creators of advertising, it is our duty to massage, influence, cajole, lead or downright manipulate audiences to buy what they aren't buying, buy more of what they are already buying or to buy what they are buying from a different provider.

Nowhere in there is the word "trust". That is an issue for the advertisers to earn and maintain.

Get over it - and get back to work!

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