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Monday, October 6, 2014

How Much Was The Trade Worth in Dollars?


While both CBS and Beasley announced there was no cash changing hands in this trade, here's what we were able to find out about the deal. BIA/Kelsey estimates the 13 CBS stations in Tampa, Charlotte and WIP-AM in Philadelphia, being shipped to Beasley, generated $87.6 million in revenue last year. In return, again according to BIA/Kelsey estimates, the two Philadelphia FM stations and three Miami stations that CBS picks up in the deal generated an estimated $48.9 million in revenue, giving Beasley $38.7 million on the upside. For CBS, it hardly puts a dent in its overall revenue numbers. The trade brings the total number of CBS stations down to 117 (from 126) and revenue that still tops $1.3 Billion, second to only iHeartMedia. Beasley jumps up to 53 stations (from 44) with the trade and the additional $38.7 million in revenue moves Beasley up two spots on the BIA/Kelsey list of top billing radio companies. Beasley would move to 13th, jumping over Saga and SBS, with about $143 million in annual revenue.

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