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Monday, October 13, 2014

(SALES) Magic Formulas


Everyone seems to want the magic formula that goes into the secret sauce called ?success. Your advertisers want tried and proven formulas and rules to help minimise the risks when they invest in advertising, and they want it in a language that?s easy to understand.

Albert Einstein said?, ?Genius is making the complicated look simple.? In an ever-changing media world with new platforms and buzz-words being introduced almost daily, simple formulas can make your points powerfully, and make you look like a marketing genius.

Here are a few of the common sense formulas and rules we?ve used in our SoundADvice radio e-marketing system to generate new radio advertisers.

S.O.M. = S.E.O. (Share of Mind is the best Search Engine Optimization). The only sure way a business will be found online is if their prospects search for them by name. Your competitors have entered the race to the top of a search engine page with algorithms, keywords, and other online techniques. It?s a cluttered and ever-changing race. When your prospects search for you by name, they will always be able to find you, in spite of your competitors? online tactics. Intrusive media like radio can create the awareness and pre-search preference necessary to drive traffic and credibility to the advertiser?s website.

Share Of Voice = Share Of Mind = Share Of Market. This is a tried and proven formula. We conduct research in the local markets that we consult, which consistently proves the value of strong Share of Voice in intrusive media like radio. Local businesses which have a strong radio presence consistently create stronger Share of Mind than businesses which rely solely upon print or the Internet. Our surveys also prove that Share of Mind does equal Share of Market.

The Three R?s Of Share Of Mind: Reach X Repetition X Relevance of the Message. This formula proves that local advertisers don?t need massive global reach, and that reach multiplied by repetition improves results, with the greatest multiplier results being the relevance of the message. This formula can help you focus on discussing the client and their message rather than only talking about your reach and your repetition.

Customers buy from the heart and rationalise that decision in their heads. We?ve explored a number stories and case studies which prove that all purchases are made emotionally, from the heart first, and that we only search online to rationalize or justify rationalize the decision our heart has already made. In fact, consumers will reject or ignore any search that is contrary to what their hearts have bought into. Intrusive radio can touch the emotions and build the brand that consumers trust and search for.

Broadcast Inspires; Internet Informs. Once you have proven that all decisions are based upon emotion and that we only look for information online to justify the decisions made from the heart, it?s a simple matter to prove the intrusive power of radio to touch the emotions and to drive the justification search online.

The Rule-Of-Sheep Syndrome. We know that branding is all about differentiating one business from another, or zigging while the competition zags. Yet most advertisers follow their competitors? media choices like sheep. It is much easier, and less costly, to capture dominant Share of Voice and Share of Mind on radio that is not cluttered with competitors all on the same page or spot set, than it is to try and out-shout them on a cluttered online search page.

The Law Of Yellow Pages Syndrome. Directories of ineffective marketers often get undue credit for the sale. In search of accountability, advertisers will often ask, ?Where did you find us?? In the pre-Internet days, the answer was often, ?In the Yellow Pages.? Today, more often than not, consumers will say, ?On Google,? because online search is at the logical and more-conscious purchase end of the marketing funnel. This syndrome causes the advertisers to not ask the all-important second question, ?What made you chose us over all of the competitors online?? Effective marketers will already have established a pre-search awareness and preference for their business with intrusive media like radio before their prospects begin their search.

One Plus One Equals Three. We use this formula to direct advertisers? attention to the power of synergy and of including radio in a media mix. Greek philosopher Aristotle explained the power of synergy when he said, ?The whole is greater than the sum of the parts,? meaning that each part alone is not as powerful as the cumulative impact of several parts. The Internet alone, and radio alone, are not as powerful as radio and Internet together.

?It?s Better To Be Sought, Than To Be Found.? A quote from Internet guru Seth Godin, this simple rule establishes the role of creating an awareness and preference for a business before its prospects begin their online search. When customers search for a business by name it will take preference over any businesses found by accident or that had no pre-search brand.

Using these formulas to make your points logically, and touching your prospects? emotions with effective stories, jokes, and case studies to validate these guidelines is a proven formula for generating more radio revenue.
Rules and formulas like these can make it easier for your prospects to understand why your station deserves a bigger piece of the media pie.

Wayne Ens is president of ENS Media Inc and conducts local market surveys and educational advertiser seminars to increase local radio revenues. Contact him at

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