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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Slew Of Promotions at Cherry Creek


President and CEO Joe Schwartz (pictured) announced several promotions within the ranks of Cherry Creek yesterday in a memo that went out to his staff. Among them, Kelley Cheatwood, John Craft and Ron Korb have been promoted from Regional D.O.S's to VP/Regional Managers and Bob Guerra is promoted from Group Program Director to Executive VP/Director of Programming. Schwartz said, "With our new financial structure in place and with the many plans we have to grow the company, I feel it was important to recognize these 8 individuals for the outstanding work they have done for the company over their tenure at Cherry Creek Radio.  Each of these promotions are for employees who have been with the company for at least 8 years and more."

Also, Rita Calvin is promoted from Controller to Executive Vice President/Controller. Travis Cronen is being promoted from Director of Operations and IT to Vice President/Director of Operations and IT.  Ken Eklund also gets his VP stripes as he?s promoted from Chief Engineer to Vice President/Engineering.  And, finally, Mary Sims is going from Director of Accounting to Vice President/Director of Accounting.

Cherry Creek Radio owns and operates 62 radio stations in 16 small to medium size markets. 14 of those stations are currently in the Country Format.

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