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Thursday, February 19, 2015

(Audio) Do You Understand Programmatic?


In Part 1 of our exclusive audio interview with Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty, Radio Ink asks Dougherty to explain what programmatic advertising is in plain English, and how it can positively impact your station's bottom line. Dougherty spells out programmatic, how Jelli came into being, and how it's helping stations around the country make money airing programmatic ads.

Programmatic is one of the biggest buzz-words in advertising today. In a nutshell, programmatic advertising is essentially a computerized way to automate the buying and selling of ads. Programmatic started in digital, as a way to allow advertisers to buy unused ad space on websites. Fast forward a few years and agencies are now reporting, according to a recent report on Strata, close to 40 percent of them will use programmatic for between 10-20 percent of their ad buys this year. Those figures are up 30 percent over the previous year, and radio is not getting in on most of those buys.

In the first part of this Radio Ink two-part interview, Dougherty spells out the basics of programmatic, how Jelli got into the radio programmatic game, how you can get in on programmatic buys at your station or cluster, and more.

Radio is the last frontier for programmatic advertising, Time magazine recently started selling print ads on programmatic, and TV and of course digital are already on board and cashing in. There are radio broadcasters in early on the programmatic game: Jelli has over 400 stations using their platform, including Townsquare Media, Entercom, and select Emmis and Beasley stations.

You can read Part 2 of the Radio Ink interview with Mike Dougherty on Thursday. We cover objections to programmatic advertising, including the fear that programmatic will drive down the value of undersold inventory in a race to the bottom, and automation of buys harming the strength of your local sales team. Programmatic today is all about national buys, what about programmatic's future in local radio advertising? Thursday, on Radio Ink. 

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