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Friday, February 13, 2015

Moonves Downplays CBS Buyout Rumors


On CNBC Friday afternoon, Les Moonves sought to downplay speculation that he was activly seeking to take control of CBS. Moonves said, "There's a lot of noise out there," and he contended that, "Right now, we are very happy being alone."

The NY Post on Friday morning reported that fears of a merger with Viacom was fueling Moonvies to make a bid to take control of CBS. Moonves was said to be in talks to secure Wall Street backing to gain the shares and take controlling interest of CBS. The Post's sources said that it is unclear how far the talks have progressed, and the buyout is just one plan Moonvies is contemplating. for control of CBS.

The Moonvies buyout rumor is gaining more traction as talk of a merger with Viacom has kicked into high-gear in recent weeks. With Sumner Redstone's health becoming a growing issue, a buyout of Redstone's National Amusements shares is at the center of  Moonvies plans.

Moonvies on CNBC Friday:

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