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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Orlando Host Served Divorce Papers On-Air


Russ Rollins, host of Real Radio's WTKS/Orlando "Monsters in the Morning," was served with divorce papers while he was on the air. Reported by WFTV, Rollins has posted a video on-line that shows him being surprised and remarking, "Wow so she had me served on the air. That's very nice."

Although Rollins invited the man serving the divorce papers into the studio, Rollins appears to be surprised that the divorce papers also outline domestic abuse claims. The process server that delivered the divorce papers said Rollins invited him into the studio, and that Rollins chose the time and place to be served, and only acted surprised.

The divorce papers allege that Rollins battered his estranged wife by choking and striking her. Rollins attorney, Robert Evans said, "I don't think at that point he realized what allegations were in there. He just got served with a pile of papers and was in some shock." Russ Rollins' wife's attorney is now demanding transcripts of the "Monsters in the Morning" shows.

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