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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Local Revenue Drags Radio One Down


Radio One CEO Alfred Liggins sounded very upbeat for having a quarter down 2.8 percent in revenue. That's how radio revenue came in for the final three months of 2014. Liggins said, "Our radio business showed sequential improvement from the third quarter, with revenues -2.8 percent." Local revenue was the big disappointment dropping over 10 percent, offset by a jump of 8.1 percent in national. Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Baltimore are the markets giving Radio One the biggest headaches. The company has stopped the spending spree in Houston with the flip from all-news to Classic Hip-Hop and has now turned its attention to fixing DC. Liggins recently replaced Market Manager Alan Leinwand in DC by expanding the duties of Regional Vice President Jeff Wilson to include that market. The company owns five stations in DC.

(2/12/2015 11:59:42 AM)
"The company owns 5 stations in DC."
Any questions...?

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