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Friday, February 13, 2015

Pandora Still Has Radio in its Crosshairs


It comes up every Pandora conference call, Pandora is aiming squarely at terrestrial radio's pursestrings. Responding to a question on the conference call regarding the company seeing broadcast radio as their main competitor, and if they should also be looking at Spotify as a threat, Pandora made it's position crystal clear, they are clearly after radio dollars.

Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews told investors that they see terrestrial radio's "17 billion dollar opportunity" as being the real target for the company. McAndrews continued that Spotify is a on demand free service and that it has nowhere near the scale and sales staff that Pandora does. Pandora clearly does not see Spotify as their large direct competitor in that space, it's radio. Pandora says they are leading the shift of local radio advertising from terrestrial to digital and they believe the streamer can exceed what local radio does, with programatic and its salesteam.

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