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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Liggins Downplays How Big BOOM Will Be


Toward the end of his Q4 conference call Thursday, CEO Alfred Liggins took a question about Radio One's new Classic Hip Hop format BOOM. The format is being credited for turning things around in the Houston market where Radio One was losing millions of dollars on an all-news format. It costs a lot less to run the BOOM format and early ratings have been promising. Liggins did want to make sure everyone measured their expectastions about BOOM. "This format takes off like rocket then comes back down to earth. I do not believe this is a format that will maintain its initial audience. The question is: 'Are you better off?'" And Liggins believes Radio One is better off, because it has other Urban stations in its markets and he considers this format a complement, a bookend, to his other properties.

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