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Sunday, February 22, 2015

(SALES) The Radio Candle Shop


We all know there are different types of buyers and buyer styles in every business category. You can see this in the way candles are marketed.

The other day, I made a call with one of my station client's salespeople on a unique little candle boutique, way off the retail beaten path. My clients know I love going on calls, because all three parties -- me, the radio account executive, and the advertiser -- always learn something.

That's all this specialty shop sold was candles, and accessories for candles, and they?ve had to expand their countryside real estate three times in recent years to keep up with demand.I am certainly not a candle aficionado, but I know my wife buys candles at the one-stop shops that sell everything from aspirins to groceries and from cutlery to candles.

But here is the thing. The candles I saw at the candle boutique were selling for 10 and 20 times what Angela pays at the one-stop shops.

It made me think about radio's business models. Sure there are buyers for one-stop media shops; radio stations that offer everything from radio "clusters" to Web banners, and from SEO to print, special events, and more. But what about a radio specialty shop? A radio station that did radio so well, some buyers would be willing to pay more for their advertising? A radio specialty shop that would be a pleasure to work with, would generate superior results, and that advertisers would seek out.

A radio specialty shop could also sell radio accessories. Accessories like superior creative, listener and customer research, musical identity packages, and superior service.

There is most certainly a market for one-stop media companies, where stations can do a good job at everything, but not a great job at anything?what?s the old expression, "A jack of all trades, but master of none."
It seems to me, however, there is also room for a radio specialty shop; one with superior craftsman that deliver a superior product for which they can charge a premium. I, for one, think it might be more fun to work there.

Wayne Ens of ENS Media Inc., is the producer of the SoundAdvice Radio E-Marketing System and can be reached at

(2/16/2015 6:48:34 PM)
I suspect you already know, Wayne, that any station that would aspire to such a lofty position would, first, have to re-create, staff and train its Creative Department.

Fat chance! sez I,
But still - right on the money.

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