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Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Connected Car Field Trip


How would you feel about giving your staff the day off to learn about connected cars? Jacobs Media, in a recent blog post, highlights a cluster in Hampton Roads that did just that. Dave Paulus, market manager for Max Media's Hampton Roads/VA cluster, let the staff have a field trip to a local car dealership so they could experience the connected-car revolution first hand.

Autos with connected car in-dash entertainment are rolling off the assembly line, and as Jacobs Media points out, most of the air staff and sales personnel are just not acquainted with the new functionality of the tech. Many of us in radio are still thinking about in-dash entertainment as buttons and knobs. However, as quickly as cell phones became portable computers that we could stuff in our pockets, the connected-car revolution, happening now, is doing the same for the dashboard.

Dave Paulus' solution to get his station personnel first-hand knowledge of the coming connected revolution, was to give his people the "day off" to get acquainted with the tech. Paulus said, "Starting in second quarter, my entire on-air staff gets a free day off on me. The only stipulation is that they have to take 90 minutes and drive the highways, tunnels, bridges, and tolls of the Hampton Roads area during PEAK RUSH HOUR." Paulus goes on to point out, "You should have seen the faces of the announcers when the 'display' pulled up the latest gas prices from the station on the corner. I asked her what are the two most consistent questions asked and she said it's 'How do I hook up my phone?' and 'How do I get my radio stations and Pandora through the display?'"

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