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Thursday, February 5, 2015

KLBJ/Austin Drops Alex Jones Show


A number of listeners to KLBJ/Austin over the weekend, as discussed on the message boards, heard Alex Jones mention that Sunday's show would be his last on his hometown affiliate. Radio Ink talked with KLBJ PD Mark Ceasar and he confirmed that Jones would no longer be a part of the weekend KLBJ lineup.

Cesar said that the station has decided to take a new approach to the Sunday schedule, so indeed last Sunday's Alex Jones Show (1/26/15), will be the last for Jones on KLBJ. Jones' hours will now be filled with a local medical call-in show from Seaton Hospital and a financial show from REAP financial. Ceasar notes that ratings were not an issue with the Alex Jones Show and that he is appreciative of Jones and the multi-year relationship KLBJ had with him. The station management felt they needed to take a different direction with their Sunday programing. KLBJ is currently running promos directing Alex Jones fans to listen to his live-stream on infowars.

(1/30/2015 12:58:38 PM)
Who still listens to FM and its ridiculous amount of commercials in 2015? I live in Austin, but stream his show on my phone, can easily fast forward through all the commercials, and do it all at my own convenience... Won't affect me.
(1/30/2015 11:04:45 AM)
Alex Jonestein will be missed. You Austin goy don't know what you're doing getting rid of this huge talent who exposes the truth about it's the "globalists", "illuminati", and "nazi death cult" who are conspiring to enslave you, and you are to be misled by the takeover of all major media, publishing, and the financial system by one tiny 2% ethnic minority.
(1/30/2015 10:38:13 AM)
Hooray!!!!! Incite people to murder? Time to go bye bye.
(1/30/2015 6:51:29 AM)
Yes...those replacement shows are what people are clamoring for!

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