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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

(TALENT) Radio's Got A Bug


My decades of being an expert in the powerful linguistic strategies of broadcasting applicable to on-air and the generation of more powerful, commercial content has also made me aware of the most bizarre of behaviors. I have been staggered by the refusal of radio?s management to acquire, learn, and implement useful strategies.

As I have been wearing my H/R hat for some decades, I am also familiar with many individuals who have devolved into states where they are unable to continue learning and applying strategies that would serve them well. Something about these individuals? psychological makeup is severely limiting them from continued development.

Fortunately, an individual's limiting situations can be addressed satisfactorily via a one-to-one process. That would be a real one-to-one engagement, and not the fantasized one-to-one phenomena to which radio people are psychically connected ? to their great harm ? without awareness, guilt, or embarrassment.

No no. This position of being unwilling to learn is spread across an entire class of people: Those who are engaged in the management and programming of radio stations. There is no evidence to support a contrary argument. These folks have stepped into cement shoes ? and they wear them willingly.

Not being able, by myself, to determine a logical explanation for such an extraordinarily dangerous phenomenon to have taken root in a whole group, I undertook some serious, outside research on the matter.

Maybe, I thought, this horribly debilitating position was not, after all, based on intellectual, emotional, or psychological influences. Maybe there were biological or, perhaps, environmental influences in play.

As I began, I was wondering what could possibly influence so many (otherwise) smart and possibly witty people to simultaneously engage in such self-defeating strategies. Folks continue with this nonsense even as there is understanding that people, and the organizations they build, tend to find out what doesn?t work, and then?do it harder. Although a functional representation of how radio is crippling itself, this is hardly satisfactory as to cause.

I was sitting down when I found it. Even so, when the ramifications of the discovery had begun to sink in, I had to walk around, breathe deeply, and work to maintain my balance.

All these years of my own study, trials, and successes were for nought. Demonstrating efficacies with real-world results was of no use. Reason and logic ? along with emotionally satisfying demonstrations ? were lost in a void.

All this is because of a bug called an "earwig." This insidiously cruel and vicious insect has the capacity to find victims of like-minded positions, crawl insider their ears and, I am distraught to report, enter their skulls where they begin to feed on the brain and gradually, over time, make their hosts ? crazy!

It's like these destroyers-of-minds have the capacity to pick up like-minded individuals and, perhaps through a similar practice as our honing in on a particular radio frequency, they can identify their targets, zoom in, and get to work.

There are no winners or implied alternates to overcoming the effects of such attacks. Perhaps the most that those of us who have not been infected can do for our associates is to throw them some "2-22s" ? a Canadian med that is available OTC, and contains codeine!

If anybody thinks I am kidding about this, I provide (immediately below) a portion of the scientific evidence.

"Earwig, or Forficula auricularis, L. a well-known insect, which has received its name from penetrating into the human ear, where it causes the most acute pains, and even, as some have asserted, eventual death." ? The Domestic Encyclopedia, Willich and Mease, 1803.

Until this despicable, disgusting scourge can be entirely wiped out, I fear my knowledge and experience may be lost on those radio managers who could, otherwise, apply the results of available new strategies and methodologies.

Still, I am aghast that all this angst and agony is delivered to our enterprise because of a freakin' little bug that loves the brainwave frequencies of radio guys who refuse to learn.

Ronald T. Robinson has been involved in Canadian radio since the '60s as a performer, writer and coach, and has trained and certified as a personal counsellor. Ron makes the assertion that the most important communicative aspects of broadcasting, as they relate to talent and creative, have yet to be addressed. Check out his website

(2/7/2015 12:48:23 PM)
Criticism of a satire, and on a very lettered basis, Jo Joe. No argument against the proposition, either. Manager? Programmer, perhaps?
(2/7/2015 11:56:12 AM)
* Yawn *.

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