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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What You Need To Know To Sell Sports Radio


At the Radio Ink Sports Radio Conference, beginning Wednesday in Dallas, Jay Meyers is set for his panel on "Five Things You Need to Know to Sell Sports Radio." Meyers will target maximizing local revenue on play-by-play, how your sales department can win when your local sports team isn't, and getting premium on your products in a CPP/CPM world. More...

Radio Ink caught up with Meyers, CEO of BCA Radio/San Diego, as well as president and CEO of Adelante Media Group, to give us a few hints on his panel at 9 a.m. on Thursday in Dallas. Meyers gave us a tease on at least one of the "Five Things You Need to Know to Sell Sports Radio" he will be focusing on. Meyers says, "Sports Radio is a male soap opera that you have to listen to in order to sound knowledgeable when speaking sports to your friends." Makes perfect sense, what better way to sling stats and come off as Mr. Sports with your friends than to "steal" your game from the experts on sports radio? Make them need to listen and feel they will miss out on the "soap opera" if they don't.

On the subject of keeping engagement with sales and listeners when your home sports team is falling off a cliff, Meyers says, "This is the single-hardest thing to do. The best thing, of course, is to sell season-long packages and (get) your number before the season starts." Meyers continues, "But season sales are definitely affected by performance and other than creative selling of packages, not (as) much."

The best piece of advice that Meyers can pass along for selling play-by-play and local on Sports formats? Meyers notes, "Selling it like regular spot radio or transactional business" is the biggest mistake sports broadcasters can make. Join Radio Ink  in Dallas for the Sports Radio Conference starting Wednesday (March 4-5), and circle Jay Meyers on your playbook for his session, "Five Things You Need to Know to Sell Sports Radio," Thursday at 9 a.m.

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